Reflecting on the impact of in-the-field research within a growing educational non-profit.

Note: this post was originally written in 2017. I found it in my Medium drafts and was pretty stoked on it, so I’m posting from the archives:

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I started working with an organization called NaliniKIDS in 2014. What started as a quick rebranding project has blossomed into a partnership that I’ve learned a ton from over the years. I help with a broad range of design work—from print-based marketing pieces and products (like children’s books and teacher manuals) to digital projects (like an online content portal for teachers, or the NaliniKIDS website).

Oh, by the way—our team is almost entirely…

The sadly obvious realization that being 27 means you have to actually care about your body if you want it to look and feel decent.

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As I’m assuming most people do in their mid-to-late twenties, I’ve started to notice myself pudgin’ up. If you’ve been there, you know what’s up. And if you haven’t yet, then this information might come in handy years from now, or months from now, or days from now—it’s honestly impossible to tell when exactly you will notice that you look shittier than you once did—but like my parents always warned:

“Some day that metabolism won’t…

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A reminiscent, metaphorical tale about pixel-perspective.

I had a lecture class in college that, honestly, I cannot even remember the name of (wow, great start, Garet!). In a nutshell, though, the purpose of this course was to educate our 4th-year design class – a mix of several disciplines – about the wide variety of design opportunities “out there.”

One of my most vivid memories is of a guest presenter (let’s call him Frank) who visited and talked about his efforts in the world of permaculture. I hadn’t heard much about his field of environmental/ecological design before and was amazed at…

I’m not sure that I was ever “blown away” by the previous Medium logo. To quote the recent “The Story Behind Medium’s New Logo”, I had indeed perceived it as “simple, elegant, and strong.” I never questioned it though, even as a designer myself. There was something so blunt about it that there was no need to question a thing, honestly. It just sort of sat contently locked to the top left of my browser window, reminding me that, yes, I was still on the Medium site.

It wasn’t until this morning that I realized I really, really liked that Stag “M”, actually.

A co-worker Slacked me a link to their logo “reveal” post and I…

Garet Camella

Hey, I’m Garet — a designer from Columbus, Ohio. I work out of coffee shops & office spaces, with small town heroes & big city badasses — balance is important.

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